Monday, March 29, 2010

Daily Clicks - Old and Found Photos

Have been thinking about spooky images lately. Like that scene at the end of The Shining, with the slow push zoom towards that group photo at the Overlook in 1924(?): 

And can't you just hear the trills of "Midnight, With the Stars and You"...? Here's the scene. I recall the first twenty times I saw that film, that bit gave me the willies about as much as Grady with his unfortunate head wound in the mirror. 

I was thinking about that scene this weekend, and about old photos. Don't we all just love old photographs? I used to love to slink around antique shops in Ohio and Tennessee, pawing for old photos, making up stories in my head about the strangers caught forever on film. There are several places online to do this right from the relative comfort of your computer, and I'll share a few that I frequent. In the coming weeks I'm going to dig out more, and if anyone has any suggestions...comment them here please and thank you. 

#1: My knowledge of this site is relatively new, but thanks to Katie in Australia I'm a convert. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated in a while but there's enough in the archive to click for a while if you've never visited before. These aren't very old photos, just candid, random, and fascinating.  

#2 Shorpy: Oh, I'm a huge, huge fan of Shorpy!! Nicely organized, nice collection, nice feature to zoom into a high-res version and really explore each image. The other evening I was just totally engrossed in their collection of Dorothea Lange photographs, exploring some of the ones that I wasn't familiar with, like Wapato Ennui: 
Wapato Ennui: 1939
1939 - Dorothea Lange

and 535-07-5248 and Wife:

535-07-5248 and Wife
1939- Dorothea Lange

Dear Lord the STORIES in those images! Shorpy categorizes photos by photographer, era, "Pretty Girls", World War Two, Civil War, Kodachrome and tons more. 
#3 Albert's Eye I know next to nothing about Albert's Eye, I can't even tell you how I FOUND Albert's Eye - a beautiful flickr photostream full of vintage charm. Some of my favorite sets are St. Vincent's Orphanage (there's the beautiful and heartbreaking), American Studio Portraits, and In the Photobooth.

The beauty and heartbreak of humanity is all over these collections. I hope you feel as grounded and grateful of life when you browse them as much as I do...
Coincidentally, if it's vintage Photobooth images you love, here's a wonderful little book with a nice collection of them: 

         Photobooth - Babette Hines. 

*I've added the above links and a few more to the Reference Library page*

UPDATE: Thank you Princess Sarah for the following links: 
Black and WTF 
Vintage Child Abuse

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