Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Design Like Honey

Quick Note: I've added another link to the Reference Library that you might enjoy if you enjoy old photos: The Library of Congress' Photostream. Enjoy!

I had an arsenal of favorited websites on my workplace pc, and before I resigned I printed them all out with intentions to share them with a riveted audience (you). Now admittedly, some of these websites, when I view them with an emancipated eye? Dry as week old bread.  I suppose if you're fully immersed in the world of design on more than a casual level they're possibly the shiny gossamer fancy new thing you've been looking for - so I'm going to share a few of my favorites with you. Not all, though, not yet! Mustn't share all my secrets in one day.  

  • Dezeen: This is a pretty, popular young thing that focuses on all facets of design, as well as employment and internships. They dig up some unique, innovative things, too - like this Ice Cube Chair made from recycled Pet plastic:
  • Archi-Ninja: For architects and architecture students I'm sure this is a grail, for me it was a good source of daily industry news (along with, contests, interviews with up and comers...It's one of those "dry" ones to me now sadly. I'd rather look at...
  • Inhabitat: Probably my favorite among the design blogs, it's THE BEST "Green" Design blog out there. More humor than Treehugger, more interesting and "pretty" articles for the non-designer, I still visit it at least once a week. Their "Inhabitots" page is particularly worth scrolling through (eco-friendly design and products for kids) and their Link Roundups are always interesting, too:                 hippie dolls, peace and love, woodstock, handmade doll, recycled doll, reclaimed dolls, peaceful dolls, eco-friendly toys, green toys(Devo and Summer Dolls)
  • A Daily Dose of Architecture: I don't even look at the articles on this one, and I'm sure they're well-written and informative. I'm not an architect, though so I simply enjoy the collection of links in his blogroll. It's the Colossus of a blogroll! It's keeps going and going and going all down the length of the page. Most are design related, some are arts related, most of them are just really good, solid sites. I tip my hat to you, Daily Dose of Architecture dude. 
  • Design Dust: Probably the simplest (like a mid-century modern lamp) out of my favorites, it actually was the first design site I looked at regularly. It introduced me to the big ones, like Design Sponge, Design Mom, Apartment Therapy, Black Eiffel, It's Nice That, and others. 
  • David Garcia Studio: This is by far my favorite design house I came across during my work-related browsing (I had to do a "daily update" with interesting links strewn about once a day...). Their body of work, from playgrounds to an Architectural Map of Antarctica is the very definition of innovation (and execution).
Read More About this Bad Boy Here. They also hold Educational Workshops all over the world. And look at this cool installation, oh how I love installations:
(Installations Page) 
    And I've got more, oh how I have more! I'll post more of these lovelies and build up the database here in the hours and days to come. 

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