Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Finds

Have you poked around the Criterion Collections' website lately? It's the berries! You can hop around their entire collection, and even download (for nominal fees) some of the older films. It's also kind of nice to play around on the site and then hop over to Netflix and throw some films you didn't know about or forgot about in your queue. If it weren't so early I'd be watching The Virgin Spring. But it is a bit early for Bergman, and I think my five year old would protest.

Speaking of good films, the Maysles Brothers (Salesmen, Gimme Shelter) website is fun to explore. Just watched Grey Gardens the other night with my husband and he told me a bit more about their innovations and pioneering work in the documentary film vein. So naturally being reference library-brained I found Albert's (the surviving brother) website.                                                                         

    A few months ago I discovered photographer Peter Ross's website, specifically his still lifes of William S. Burroughs' things. William S. Burroughs was (if you're not familiar) one of the eccentric founding fathers of the Beat generation (he wrote Naked Lunch). Peter Ross has documented his odd collections, seems Burroughs has a fascination with guns, blowdarts and pinwheels. Check it out here.
    I laughed myself silly over this photographer's work. Robbie Augsperger uses an old light kit to recreate the *ahem* golden days of studio portraiture. The Corporate Headshots page is my favorite, but this guy is pretty amazing too.  
    Italo Disco 

    Here's hoping your weekend is thrilling, calming, trilling, and beautiful. I'm still writing at Controlling A Spicy Universe, too - if you're looking for some esoteric whining.

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