Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inspiration in the form of a 1960's Television Witch

   Yesterday, after watching Betwitched for the first time in probably twenty years, I threw myself into a bit of a tailspin, totally fixated and in love with the interior design and fashion on that show. It's an era I don't think much about (mid to late sixties), in movies from that era and movies about that era I tend to focus on plot and/or the relevance of the historical event being represented. But when plot is a little thin and silly (as in Betwitched) I can detach myself and just view the design glory that was the set and costumes of that show. I'm not going to bore you or myself and dive into a deep examination of the design of the era, I'm just going to share some of the beautiful retro goodness resources that I have learned of recently. I've chosen to focus a bit of my search on the mid to late sixties, as it reminds me of family photos of my mom as a young adult as well as the decor of the interior of my grandparent's home. It's not rocket science, what I'm doing, just decent searches with lots of "" and + and relevant words thrown in. I do seem to have a bit of the eye for skimming past the sites that might not be "perfect" for me. 
   I just keep looking and looking and looking at this episode. The plot is cute and everyone's fantastic but OH MY GOODNESS THE BUTTONS ON the real Samantha's coat @ 1:45!! That green dress! That aqua chair @ 4:38! Total swoon. 

  Now with the rising popularity of Mad Men this particular aesthetic is starting to creep back into popularity (though it's always had its stalwarts). It's mid-century modern but the later edge of it (correct me if I'm wrong, design expert who might be reading this), less atomic and more 2001: A Space Odyssey (but a bit less "mod"). 
2001: A Space Oddysey Interior Set Design

Here's the "Best of the Sixties/House Beautiful. 
House Beautiful

Modern Dig, a site with rare and collectible Mid-Century Modern Design books and objects.
(I actually have this beauty)

TV Party! Classic television shows for those who obsess. 

Twenty Five pieces of Retro Design Inspiration from Vectroave. 
Retro Inspiration Vol 2(courtesy Vectroave)

Retrospace, a well put together retro gamut blog (mainly 70's, but some 60's, too). 

Ultraswank - Talks about old and new influence of sixties design here. 
eero saarinen twa jfk 2 520x713 Eero Saarinens JFK Terminal(Ultraswank - JFK Terminal by Eero Saarinens)

If you're looking for a more polished and professional inspiration source, The Mid Century Modernist is a sleek place to start. If you're just wanting to breeze casually through the era, and float onto green Astro-turf to your white wicker laced veranda, go to flickr and search "sixties" + "vintage" + "interior design" and you'll be treated to image collections from design lovers all over the world. 


  1. You are speaking my language! LOVE LOVE everything about The Steven's home on Morning Glory Circle. I pass a street on my walks in our neighborhood also named Morning Glory Circle...not quite the same but I always hope that Samantha will appear in one of her amazing mini dresses.

  2. I wish I could get my hands on those mini-dresses! I'd have a whole closet full.