Thursday, March 25, 2010


Taking a bit of a break from my usual introspective and highly angsty and metaphysical writing, as well as a sexy blog (no, you can't see - it's a secret), and some children's literature thrown in, I've decided to create a bit of a database of sorts. I find interesting things online. I have a knack for the gathering of information. I used to work in a library, and it was a perfect fit. Like a good pair of black tights that never, ever get holes in them. Tights that you tell your friends about and they grab your arm conspiratorially and beg in a hiss to share where you got them. I share. I am a generous oracle. 

This vehicle is new. It is rough around its metaphorical edges. The goodness and gold will be categorized, maybe in the order you see to your left, and maybe not. I'm a fickle, ever-changing oracle. There's simply too much in my head and too much I'd love to share to keep it to myself. 

I'm not ashamed in my love of the internet, like others might profess. I could wax whimsical and nostalgic for hours about my first experience online (no, not like that), playing Doom in a dorm basement during theatre camp in 1996. We talked in a chat room with FOUR other people, a VIDEO chatroom that was for some sort of fancy Linux people. Our camp counselor was a fancy techy engineery major and knew the inside of what we had barely heard about - most of us still typed our papers onto dot matrix printers from DOS systems. Clack.clack.clack. Bzzzzzzz. Tsst. Tsst. Tsst. That was the sound of a dot matrix printer - deafening and harkening back to the days of beige plastic everywhere. 

A bit about me? I'm currently living in Alaska. But watch! I move around a lot. In a few months I might be somewhere completely different. I write. I make. I have a brilliant photographer husband and a beautiful, bright, brave little boy (he doesn't have a website yet). I try to see the beauty and the luster and the patina in everything. Sometimes it makes me frown, being like that. 

But mostly I like to find the wonderful, beautiful, recreational, pointless, pointed, meaningful, helpful, meaningless, silent-laughing shoulders shaking, and informative on the internet. Like I said, I have a brain like a reference library (or did I say that?) and I retain an awful lot of trivial bits up there. 

And please do share. 

Soon and thanks. 

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