Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's been drudged up today

  • 1920's and 1930's music from (Radio Dismuke), reminds me of the tinny goodness my husband and I listened to in his tower room when we first started dating. 
  • DVD cover art from my favorite darling letterpress Yee Haw Industries in (say it) Knoxville, TN. And yowza it's for Jim  Jarmusch's Mystery Train! What a match made in a guitar from a Tupelo Hardware Store heaven. 
  • Spotted these little darlins from a friend of mine's vintage-sweet blog Garage Sale Girly. While Gary and I have decided to have just one child I will admit the sight of these ducky leg warmer buggers from Saint Raegan's Hollow made me spontaneously ovulate -New and Unique Handmade Funny Canary Yellow Knitted Duck Foot Leg Warmer Slippers for Children little Boy Girl Grandson Granddaughter Christmas Present(Saint Regen's Hollow)
  • Have also been salivating over my friend Michelle's trip to India. Perhaps simply because I feel the need for a hot climate right about now - here in Alaska SNOW is still our constant fishwife - or perhaps because I've always been drawn to all things India. Her posts about the voyage are captivating. 
  • And here's today's "Photo I Want to Live In": 

I can't decide which lady or gent I want to be. The bride with her little cap and silver draping? The sailor girl in the back - because I'd get to stand on that fabulous deco set piece? What was it like to live in a time without hipsters? When legs were plump and humor was more than a bit corny? When lips were painted maroon and eyes smoked with kohl? Oh, I know we can do all those things and more now, but what was it like to have a hat and gloves with every dress? And to purchase something like a jet bead bag - just ripe for the picking in crystal department stores with newfangled escalators? To talk like this? It would be the berries, and how!

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