Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Artist Worship

I don't typically bow down too much in supine position to worship celebrity ground. I don't even look at TMZ or Perez Hilton anymore, or flip through People magazine in waiting rooms. I guess I just went into sugar coma over all the high fructose corn syrup false pleasure I received from it. I follow a few working actors and writers on twitter, but it's mainly those that share interesting links and stuff. I think they're the bees knees still, of course (I'm looking at YOU, David Lynch), but I try not to allow such activities to take up too much of my limited time. I'd rather be pretend-shopping on etsy or World Market or something. 

But there are some. Some beauties that just entrance me. Like the Sigur Rós Official Site, Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise.  I don't know what it is with me and Iceland, but ever since we moved up in latitude I am flat out obsessed. I even discovered a story in my brain about some kids in 1940's Iceland. It was turning into a young adult novel until it tumbled back down the well of my imagination. Here that is if you're interested. Anyway, Sigur Ros' site is totally beautiful, mesmerizing, and well designed. I can't read a lot of it. I love Sigur Rós, but if I didn't? This site might be just another boring something that I barely glanced at. 

Another love, as I've said above, is David Lynch. I've been circling around his site for years, contemplating joining to get all of the dark, eerie, and sometimes epiphanic photography and video inside. But I usually forget about it and watch his weather report.

I just really love his brain, you know?

Another well designed site with good layout is Augusten Burroughs'. If you're a fan of his work (and God knows I am), please do yourself a favor and play around here a bit. Especially his photo galleries. Especially, ESPECIALLY the Dry: In Pictures section.  Broke my heart and put it back again, it did. Follow him on Twitter and you'll sometimes get little Augusten-sized chunks of insight. You know what's weird? I totally thought I saw him at the Bear Tooth the other week. I know it wasn't him. Because why? Why on earth would he be way up here? Maybe as a tourist. Maybe he was doing an Alaskan adventure trip or something.

And I have time for one more tonight. The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights  is a Jack White-agasm for me. Although (sorry Meg), I wish he had some sort of central location where I could sometimes just see stuff about Jack and Jack only.  A central place where all things Dead Weather, Raconteurs, It Might Get Loud, and White Stripes are joined in harmony, so I don't have to take five minutes to google search and click them all.  But I'll take what I can get, central location or no. And this site is pleasing in so many ways. Here's an interesting interview with Jack on Relevant magazine: Relevant - Jack White's Many Sides. I just really, really am enamored with him, too.
White Stripes photo: Jack White and Meg White

So celebrity worship and celebrity sites. I guess I could justify by saying that these folks are all serious artists, that I enjoy keeping up with their body of work. Or I could simply label myself an obsessed type person who has what I feel is good taste in music, film, and literature. Maybe part of me is still a twelve year old girl with Johnny Depp posters on the wall. 

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