Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ranger Rick and I know I've been gone a while...

I've found something else so totally amazing that I'm just busting at the seams to share it. Not sure if I've mentioned it but my husband is a nature photographer/videographer. I stumbled across this today on the ALA's Great Sites for Kids. It's National Geographic's Wildlife Filmmaker, and since my son wants to be just like Daddy I'm so so excited to have him experiment on it! We obviously love National Geographic, as have generations of folks before us. Remember that bit in It's a Wonderful Life where little girl Mary and little boy George are at the soda fountain? And little Mary says, "A new magazine! I never saw it before!" and little George says, "Of course you never! Only us explorers can get it, I've just been nominated for membership in the National Geographic society."
Oh, love love love. 

Anyway, enjoy it! I'll share more soon. Have been working an awful lot on some other projects. 
PS - Have you noticed Ranger Rick lately? He's blissfully still around, albeit modernized. I love the old Ranger Rick images. Here's that site and the first I mentioned: 
NWF Kids/Ranger Rick (the magazine is still really good)

National Geographic Animal Wildlife Filmmaker

When I cleaned houses in my very early twenties my favorite job was a mansion in the Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio. Built in 1850 or so it was a four floor wonder, and the original and subsequent owners LOVED children and incorporated little bits and bobs for their kids all over. There were little play trap doors, secret passages, a swing in the upstairs hall between the children's bedrooms, and a staircase that turned into a slide. In the back nursery closet door (and there were pocket doors in almost every room! Swoon!) there was still a fading, peeling off Ranger Rick Membership sticker - probably from the thirties. Super charming. Found out recently from a friend in the neighborhood they've subdivided the mansion and made it into condos. No! But it had a ballroom! And an inner mahogany octagon shaped study with inlay of stars on ceiling. Progress is not always a good thing. But oh, well! Ranger Rick is still cool and I have my memories!


  1. Love that scene from It's a Wonderful Life! Brian recently got Haiden a "membership" and they still send out certificates for being a "member." She thought it was cool for a couple of days then threw away the certificate. So funny to read this! Thanks for the good thought. I feel like pen pals, me and you. ha ha.

  2. I'm going to do that w/Xander, too. I feel like pen pals, too! Can't wait to see you again! I'm ready to be back in Knoxville.