Friday, March 26, 2010

As evening deepens, I seem to walk straight into the bizarre

So I'm going to share it here, what's the point of keeping it all cooped up inside? If it festers, it might metastasize and burst. Or worse! I'll forget about it and it will be buried forever in my bookmarks.

I found the blog A Journey Around My Skull around six months ago on a late evening (just like this). My brain works in quick fits and starts when the clock turns past midnight and I seem to pick up some sort of bizarro signal from the internet. My first visit I was on for about an hour, clicking away at the visually pleasing in a dada - ish surreal way shown in posts like this and this, and images like this:

Jiri Trnka, illus. for Fireflies, 1969 - Thank you A Journey Round My Skull person

It was the author's focus on vintage European picture books that initially drew me in (though how I found the site I can't divulge - I'm not even sure how I find the things I do. Luck? If so, good or bad?) and the rich, macabre, image-laden posts kept me clicking with interest longer than most blogs I happen upon. Even design ones, and I can click a design blog to bits (yeah, I'm talking to you, AT).

So here I'm sharing it. I've forwarded it several times to those friends of mine who enjoy a bit of the disturbingly beautiful, like my friend Tony. If I don't share I might forget it exists, and where does that leave you? Without a cool site to wind down an afternoon with while avoiding spreadsheets. 

PS! Will from Journey Round My Skull has a hypnagogic photo stream on Flickr that's highly enjoyable. Here it is in all its nicely categorized glory. 

PPS! I'm guessing the title " A Journey Round My Skull " is a nod to the perhaps original medical memoir of the same title.  It's a topic I'm quite taken with, the effects of brain tumors both benign and malignant on the senses (and the formation of hallucinations visual, auditory, olfactory, etc.) I haven't read it (yet) but you can bet I'm opening up a new tab as I type this to put in on hold at the library (I had to do it Interlibrary Loan, by the way). 


  1. Thanks Chrissy. I think it's fitting that you browse the site after midnight, because that's when I put together most of the posts.

    Hope you like the Karinthy book!

    Will @ AJRMS